Rovio unwilling to Make BlackBerry version of Angry Birds

Angry Birds almost exist in all smartphones, except BlackBerry. And it has its own reasons why Rovio reluctant to make a version for mobile phones from Research in Motion.

Henri Holm

As already known, until now Angry Birds can be played on almost any platform. Android, IOS, Symbian, Windows Phone and computer, even available as well for the Playbook. But not for BlackBerry phones.

"Now I ask you, how many BlackBerry phones that have touch screen? Just a little. That's what makes us not make Angry Birds on the BlackBerry," said Henri Holm, Senior Vice President Rovio Asia.

When asked about the possibility of Angry Birds may come at the upcoming BlackBerry series, Holm replied with pessimistic.

"We see first, if little bit in number certainly not going to do. Because our resources are very limited," said Holm, in Kelapa Gading Mall, Jakarta, Tuesday (14/2/2012

Angry Birds until now recorded played by 600 million people around the world. Rovio also seeks to expand the bird’s players to bring the Angry Birds on Facebook in Jakarta.

"Now we want to eliminate the limitations for people who want to play Angry Birds. For BlackBerry users can play this game on Facebook," said Holm.

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