Men Spending More Money Than Women When They Shopping Online

Until this time, the assumption that most women love to shopping has become a kind of stereotypes in our society.

Men Love Shopping Online
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No wonder, every products sold in the market targeting to women. Just look at your wardrobe. Often emerging products and designs women's clothes are always different every week and even every day. Is it true that the shopping enthusiast, aka Shopaholic comes only from women? Apparently, this is different when you look at consumer behavior through online shopping.

This was revealed by the largest auction site, eBay. In a survey conducted by the site, stated that men easier to spend money when they shop in cyberspace. Interestingly, they spend more money. In fact, the difference compared to women reach about USD $ 300 more for spending interest goods. Why men prefer to shop online than offline? Here are a few reasons.

Generally, men do not have much time to go shopping to offline stores to select the desired item, of course, an online store that became the alternative. In online stores, the goods sold is usually already included a complete specification. By shopping at online store, you can buy the goods from the office while running your routine. It became the main reason for online shopping.

Availability of Products in Market
There is times when we are looking for products that do not exist in the area where we live. For example if we want to buy product X and product X was not in New York. But there is an online store in Jakarta that sells the stuff. Inevitably, we have to buy stuff from online stores based in Jakarta.

In some online stores, usually the price cheaper than the price in offline stores. But do not forget, when they shopping in online stores, usually will be charged shipping cost. If the price and shipping cost in online stores are cheaper, better buy at the online store only.

For most people, especially women, tend to prefer offline shopping more fun with a reason because they can freely choose the products and all 'eye wash'. In contrast with men, they tend to like something simple, like just sitting alone in front of a computer and are free to choose the desired item. Besides being easy, it is also no need to queue and take pains to come to the store or mall.

The tendency for men to shop online continues to increase. Especially for items such as electronics, gadgets, music, books and movies.

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