iPad 2 Cut Off, Could Be The Sign of iPad 3 Presence?

A major retailer of Apple products in the United States, Meijer, takes action to cut prices for iPad 2 to $ 70. Is this a sign that the third generation of iPad immediately available?

The possibility certainly can happen. Especially a few days earlier, the news about the iPad 3 that mentioned going to appear in early March 2012 became Hotnews.

So that some action from Apple distributor should be observed. These discounts action as reported by Apple Insider can be as clearance effort before new products arrive.

Back to Meijer, a discount action is not for whole Apple iPad 2 versions. It’s mean, only for the iPad 2 WiFi 16 GB version with a discount of USD 70. The program itself will run until February 25.

No mention is how with iPad 2 other versions. To be sure, this discount is also valid for accessories, such as iPad 2 smart cover.

Previously, Apple was said to have to choose the first week in March as the launch of its latest tablet. It is said that the event will be held in San Francisco, USA, and most likely located in the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, which is a favorite spot for Apple's big event.

AllThingsD launch, the new iPad will be approximately equal to the iPad 2 but with greater performance drag because it supplied a faster processor. iPad 3 also reportedly equipped with a graphics processing unit has been upgraded and the retina display 2048 × 1536.

As usual, Apple chose silence responding to reports like this. Spokesman for the company from Cupertino, California, United States refused to comment. "Apple would not comment on rumors or speculation," the spokesman said.

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