First Time Ever, Smartphone Shipments Beat PC Shipments Globally

The world is entering smartphones era. Proved for the first time ever, smartphone shipments exceeded PC shipments consisting of desktop, laptop and tablet.

smartphones shipment

This was revealed in the research of Canalys firm research. Total smartphones shipments in 2011 reached 488 million units. While PC shipments under it, about 415 million units. Smartphone shipments grow 62.7% in 2011 compared to 2010.

"Smartphones shipments beyond PC to be viewed as a significant milestone. Only in recent years, the smartphone segment grows from just a high end niche product into a mass product," said Chris Jones, Canalys analysts.

If we take a look from operating system they use, Android became the best with a market share of 48.8% in 2011. iOS followed by 19.1%, 16.4% Symbian, BlackBerry 10.5%, 13.2% Bada and Windows Phone 1.4%.

Apple became the largest smartphone vendor by shipments, for 93.1 million units. Followed by Samsung with 91.9 million units. Only, Canalys not count Nexus handset sales because it is not purely made by Samsung.
Most PC sales are dominated by best tablet selling, especially iPad with 63.2 million total units sold. Meanwhile, netbook shipments drop dramatically, by 25.3% compared with the number of shipments in 2010 only 29.4 million units.

"In 2011, we saw decrease for netbooks demand and slowing notebooks demand and desktops due to the increased interest in the tablet. But the tablet is only a little impact on volume shipments of smartphones," said Jones who quoted from PCMag, Monday (02/06/2012)

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