Extreme SD Card From Samsung

This SD card and microSD card is designed for extreme conditions. Samsung is issuing the line of storage media in which it claimed to hold a variety of 'attack'.

New Samsung SD Card
Image: TheVerge

'Attack' mentioned is attack of water, grinding heavy goods and magnet. In total there are as many as 14 cards issued by the South Korean manufacturer.

The cards are grouped into two variants, 'high speed' and 'plus extreme speed'. For the first variant, the Samsung offers a read speed of 15MB / s to 24Mb / s and write speeds varying from 7MB / s to 13MB / s, depending on capacity.

Capacity for the first variant can be obtained start from 2GB up to 32GB. While for the second variant, the speed-reading 24MB / s and 21MB / s for write speed. Currently available capacity for extreme velocity model there are only 2, which are 8GB and 16GB.

Of course, with the advantages of life in water for 24 hours, 3200 pounds of bully-resistant and resistant magnet, Samsung sells SD card clad metal material with a higher price than the regular SD card.

Reported by Theverge, Saturday (18/02/2012), to the extreme speed, it valued USD 29.99 and USD 54.99.

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