Apple OS X Mountain Lion

Apple introduces new operating system for Mac computers, OS X Mountain Lion. Mountain Lion has been released for developers and scheduled will be enjoyed by consumers in mid-2012.

OS X Mountain Lion

Interestingly, Mountain Lion brings features similar to IOS, iPhone and iPad operating system. Mountain Lion integrated with iCloud. When users turn on Mountain Lion on the computer first, they were given the option to sign in with your Apple ID, and then automatically will set up iCloud, Face Time, iTunes Store and the Mac App Store.

In Mountain Lion, messaging application called Messages replaces iChat. Similar to the IOS, embedded Notes, Reminders features and Game Center. There is also a Notification Center to alert user if there is mail, new messages etc.

Good news for Twitter users who like Mac computer. As quoted from USAToday, Friday (16/02/2012), Twitter also integrated in the Mountain Lion. In the Safari browser, Preview, Photo Booth, and Quick Look, users can send a tweet.

Another feature get attention is AirPlayMirroring and Gatekeeper. Thanks to airplay Mirroring, user can display the computer screen to television connected Apple TV wirelessly, with support for high-definition resolution.

While the Gatekeeper is new security features for Mac security. With these features, users can apply the settings only receive Mac computer software from a Mac App Store.

Mountain Lion considered shows that Apple continues to keep the whole ecosystem. It was seen clearly because they make the application and interface are almost the same in all the gadgets production.

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