Sony Prepare 11Android Smartphone in 2012

Split with Ericsson, Sony now faces tough competition in the smartphone market alone. They apparently had been preparing a new strategy by launching Android smart phone that quite a lot along this 2012.

Sony XPeria S

Japanese vendor has introduced its first smartphone after separation with Ericsson, Sony Xperia S. In documents leaked to the internet, Sony was also set up 11 new smartphones based on Android.

As quoted from the Geek on Thursday (1/19/2012), 11 new smartphones are prepared to launch in 8 months ahead. Price range also revealed, between 146 Euros and 562 Euros.

In the document, Sony will launch three pieces smartphones in April 2012. ST251 Kumquat, LT221 Nypon and MT271 Pepper. The most expensive is Nypon at price range 370 Euros.

Another handset that has been prepared called Tapioca, Tapioca DS, Hayabusa, Atlas, Mint, AFFM, Lotus and Olive. Smartphone highest price is Mint, in the range of 562 Euros.

In addition to these 11 Android handset, Sony reportedly will also launch a smartphone with Windows Phone OS. Prototype Windows Phone has been leaked on the internet and is expected to appear officially at Mobile World Congress 2012 in Barcelona in February.

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