iPad 3 rumored using LTE and Released in March 2012

Re-appears latest gossip about iPad 3. The latest leaks mention that Apple's new tablet PC later would carry connectivity of Long Term Evolution (LTE) and will be released in March 2012.

Bloomberg is the first known release of this news. According to three sources close to their issue, Apple's partner in Asia mentioned will start producing iPad 3 in January.

Well, if there is no obstacle, the next stage is the mass production started in February and released to the market in March 2012.

A series of feature enhancements were reported to be buried on the iPad 3. Starting from a high definition screen, quad-core chips, up to LTE connectivity.

Bloomberg launched and quoted on Saturday (01.14.2012), a spokesman for Apple iPad 3 reluctant to respond to these leaks. Particularly related to rumors and speculation.

But if talking about LTE, a number of phone vendors previously almost simultaneously launched their new mobile phone that carries the LTE. Call it Nokia Lumia 900 and the LG Spectrum.

So it's not impossible if the iPad 3 will also follow similar steps because of the pressures of technological development.

Apple also believed wil continue success story with the iPad. After introducing for the first time in the 2010, the company that pioneered by Steve Jobs had successfully pushed the development of industrial tablet PC and so trigger other vendors to follow suit.

Until now, Apple reported it had sold more than 40 million units of the iPad, that if the calculated value of sales could reach $ 25.3 billion.

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