Interesting facts about women's breasts

Breasts may be the most beautiful parts from her. Not only arouse sexual desire, breast also represents beauty and femininity. There are some interesting facts about women's breasts.

women breast
A woman's breasts begin to grow when they entered puberty. During puberty, hormone levels in the body changes cause the breasts begin to enlarge and experiencing growth, as well as sign the beginning menstrual periods.

Here are some interesting facts about women's breasts, as reported by timesofindia, Wednesday (01/04/2012):

 1. Left breast usually bigger
The size of both breasts rather difficult to distinguish, but left breast usually bigger than the right. Breast size is never exactly the same. Nipples also have a variety of sizes and different directions.

2. Breasts have hair and can grow acne
Every woman has about 2-15 strands of hair on the dark side of breast. Breasts can also be covered with blackheads and acne. So, always do a special care of your breasts.

3. Breast weight average of 0.5 kg
Female breast weight average of about 0.5 kilograms. Each breast contributes about 4-5 percent of body fat, thus 1 percent of total body weight of an average woman. Breasts can be more enlarged when women grow up and have a fat body. Also, keep in mind that women smokers will have more sagging breasts than non-smokers will.

4. More than 2 million women have fake breasts
Pamela Anderson, Katie Price, and more than 2 million other women have done breast implants. This figure shows how many women think about their breasts. The average age of women who get implants is 34 years old.

5. A woman's breasts get bigger when aroused
Just as the penis in men; female breasts will also grow and become tenser when aroused. The same also applies to the nipple.

6. Breasts can change shape
Sounds weird, but sometimes-sleeping facedown can change the shape of your breasts. Always keep your sleeping position so that you maintain the firmness and shape of your breasts. The best sleeping position is sleeping on his side, with a pillow under refute and support the breasts while you sleep.

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