Identify Son Cancer Symptoms

Cancer is a serious disease that also needs to be addressed seriously. Symptoms of cancer in children under one year of hard to analyze because they still cannot complain of pain. Various types of cancer in children cannot be prevented. As for cancer, the most experienced child is a blood cancer (leukemia), eye cancer (retinoblastoma), neural cancer (neuroblastoma), and lymph node cancer (lymphoma). Which is easier to detect nose cancer rear (nasopharynx) and bone cancer (osteosarcoma)?

In 2005-2007, there were nine children of the 100,000 children in Jakarta who suffer from cancer. Every year there are an estimated 4100 new cases of childhood cancer in Indonesia.
Cancer is divided into two types, liquid and solid. Cancer liquid, for example, leukemia, as for solid cancers other than leukemia is. Liquid cancers can be detected from the child's condition is pale and listless, fever, and bleed easily, either nosebleeds or bleeding gums.

As for solid cancers, can be suspected from the absence of a lump in its body. The lump may include white spots on the retina of the eye, swollen eyes, abdominal bloating while other parts of the body emaciated, and lump in the neck or the back of the legs and hands.

The cause of cancer is a combination of genetic, chemical, viral, and radiation. Parents need to create a safe environment for children in the womb and maintaining a healthy lifestyle after birth, such as creating smoke-free environment, eat plenty of vegetables and fruit, keep your weight, as well as active sports.

Stress can also trigger the development of cancer cells and reduces the effectiveness of cancer drugs. Consultant pediatric hematology-oncology at the Cancer Hospital Dharmais, Edi Setiawan said Theater, exclusive breast-feeding can reduce the 31 percent risk of childhood cancer
For that let us pay more attention to children ranging from personal hygiene, the environment, to implement a healthy lifestyle wherever located.

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