Identify the causes of psychological problems of children fussy eaters

Whether you are enjoying your child's development? It would be happy to see him smiling, laughing, began learning to say, and play. Feeling tired after work to not feel. However, feel anxious sometimes perceived by some parents because the child is difficult to eat. Not all of them have a high appetite. Many factors that cause hard to eat children. Not only because of illness or medical, however also because of psychological problems. Identify three major psychological problems that cause the child hard to eat

Sense of anxiety
Consider your child's behavior while being away from you or when will part with you (parents). For example when you want to go to the toilet, then you should leave your child for a moment, how your child's reaction? He tends anxious to part with you for a little while. Anxious in new environments, such as starting school, and others. Anxiety is often accompanied arising physiological and behavioral symptoms such as anxiety, cold sweats, palpitations, difficulty concentrating, insomnia, and so on. This condition affects the diet of children, including making children become fussy eater’s.

An adult who is contemplating a heavy burden, they can stress and depression, it is also suffered by children. Usually children often suffer depression at school age; various causes such as school friends teased, minus the value, or maybe even child abuse. Depressed children may develop eating two problems, namely uncontrolled overeating or obesity or making it difficult to eat.

Contact reaction of parents to children
when a child is difficult and fussy eating, then the parent responds with impatience and forcing children to eat, then it will increasingly lead to new feelings in children. Children become increasingly resent the word eats. As a result, the child was so difficult to eat. In terms of parenting, parents do not teach children to eat a varied and only provide the food that is it. This makes the child does not learn to recognize the taste and variety of food types. As a result, children become fussy eaters and eat it-that is all. In the end, the child would be difficult to eat

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