Google Launches Service to the 2012 American Presidential Election

Google's interest to participate in the success of the American presidential election to be held next 10 months. Today, the largest search site launches election centers where voters can learn, see, discuss and learn about presidential candidates.

Steps taken by Google is also possible and may be able to make an impact in the digital campaign system. For that, they strive for such services can be realized and ready to face the U.S. presidential election on November 6, 2012.

Quoted from CNET, January 3, 2012, Eric Hysen, Google elections team member mentions, page / elections allow voters to browse issues related to the candidates and the issues around him.

Like the trend of browsing, the page will show how often the candidate activity recorded in a Google search, candidates mention in Google News as well as in YouTube.

This page also displays a map feature On The Ground that contains a link to view the agenda and the latest political news around the constituency of voters.

"No doubt, the Internet will bring more political information, opinion and news more than other mediums throughout the United States elections, 2012," said Hysen.

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