Future Glasses Comes With Email & GPS

Given the size of gadgets these days is getting smaller, the idea to create a portable screen that can be taken anywhere seems increasingly closer to reality.

image: Engadget

Lumus, a technology company that specializes in advanced visual technologies, showing the device named PD-18-2. As reported by Dailymail, Saturday (01/14/2012), the glasses device it looks complicated, but allows users to view high quality images while walking.

Products like these are available in the market for professional and military use, but different from the PD-18-2 which allows images shown do not block the view of the wearer.

Translucent lenses used in eyeglasses that creates an 'augmented vision', ie the preparation of layers of images or graphics, on the territory of view of users. The glasses work by collecting image components of a micro display and shining it on the eye, to create virtual images SVGA resolution.

These glasses are designed for professionals like pilots, surgeons, and the military. However, there is the possibility of such technologies can be adopted for the consumer market so people can watch broadcast television or playing video games while walking.

However, the possibility of these glasses are sold in the market triggered mixed reactions. Some say the technology could be useful as a portable GPS, there is also concern that current glasses that make people walk without realizing around it.

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