Enjoying a comfortable flight

At the time holidays arrive, many sights that we want to visit. Spending holidays to the family house beyond town or abroad also become interesting option. Holiday is the right thing to reduce stress. However, if your vacation to distant places, the long flight to get there it can add to physical exhaustion. Do not let walks become cluttered from exhaustion.

There are some simple tips to a long flight more comfortable.

1. Choose the most comfortable chair
Take advantage of online check-in facilities at the airline's website. Through this facility, we can choose the most comfortable seats long before other people in line at the airport.
Make sure you choose a seat on the aisle or near a window. Both of these most fitting places to sit when traveling far up the plane. Seats on the outskirts of the alley allows you to stretch your legs.

2. Restrict goods brought to the cabin
prioritize baggage really need to be brought, which may reduce innate can be replaced or purchased at the destination. Takes a lot of luggage will disturb your vacation.

3. Occasionally move the limb
sitting in the chair plane longer causes the blood circulation becomes less fluent. This condition is called economy class syndrome and can bring serious health problems.
To fix this, do moderate exercise or simple yoga movements several hours. In addition, you can also take a short walk down the hall.

4. Dressed in a simple and convenient
Avoid using the clothing overly tight. Besides less comfortable, tight clothing can also interfere with blood circulation. Also, select clothing to absorb perspiration, especially of cotton.

5. Avoid dehydration
Avoid consumption of alcohol or caffeinated drinks because they can make the body more dehydrated. Drink water in sufficient quantities.

6. Snacking on motion sickness
to meet the protein needs, you can eat snacks like nuts or protein bars that are now widely sold. Snacks are also very potent as a drug busting airsickness.

7. Minimize the effects of jet lag
Jet lag is a condition suffered by our body's biological clock due to incompatibility with local time. The more time zones crossed, the greater the effects of jet lag. The most frequent adverse effect is felt drowsiness, dizziness, loss of appetite and insomnia.
To fix this, try to sleep late if you will fly to the west and earlier if to the east. Do it a few days before departure.

8. Take advantage of the transit time
the benefits of transit time, transit at the airport when our bodies could be freed for a moment from the narrow cabin. You can utilize this transit time with a walk in the airport area so that the muscles are not rigid

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