Dragon Dictation Become Siri Competitors in the iPhone?

Like Siri, Dragon Dictation and Dragon Search applications made by Nuance Communications using voice recognition technology. Simply speak to the handset, and then those words can be recognized properly.

Then if Siri got a new competitor with the presence of Dragon Dictation and Dragon Search? The answer is no. Because of they have different functions; they do not compete but rather complement each other.

"Both of our applications have different function with Siri," said Stuart Sharpe, Senior Director of Nuance Communication at the Four Seasons hotel on Tuesday (31/01/2011).

Siri that only available in the iPhone 4S allows users to interact with the handset. Its function is more towards a personal digital assistant, which can be told to perform various functions.

While Dragon Dictation main function is to translate words or user dictation into written form. Then send it as SMS, email or update status on Facebook and Twitter.

Search the web through Siri voice commands limited use certain search engine service and may be incomplete results. While Dragon Search can search for applications to various internet services from Google, Bing, YouTube, until Twitter.

In terms of language, Dragon Dictation and Dragon Search supports 52 languages. The presence of both applications claimed to simplify and accelerate the delivery of messages or mobile search up to five times more than by typing.

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