CES 2012: Acer Build AcerCloud

Not only exhibit the latest hardware products, at the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) 2012 Acer make breakthrough by announcing a specific cloud service for all their devices.


Named AcerCloud, cloud services are quoted from Mashable, Tuesday (10/01/2012), will make easier to share content such as documents, photos etc. on Acer devices, but with limited way.

Different from Apple's iCloud that designed to synchronize media, AcerCloud built to enable automatic sharing. But in the end, this file will be backed up permanently on the PC, not on cloud services.

For example, when user takes a picture using a smartphones camera, AcerCloud will automatically store them in the service named PicStream. This service then put the images to your PC or other Acer devices.

For now, the service can only work with Android phones. Mentioned by Acer, Windows Phone will become the next platform that supports AcerCloud.

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