Breast size affects the Diabetes Risk

Women considered more details about her appearance than men did. Starting from head to toe into expensive asset for them. No, wonder that most women take care of his body by the help of beauty expert, even those willing to spend lots of money to beautify the body.

Breast is one of the assets they rely on, except the face and other body parts. Breast that has a larger size is considered more sexy and exciting compared to the breast with a small or medium size. However, according to scientists, the owner of the breast with small size has better benefits in terms of health. Women with small breasts have a lower risk of type 2 diabetes than women with the large breasts.

Researchers at Harvard University and the University of Toronto United States Canada surveying 92,106 women. They discovered that women who have breast cup size D or larger, at age 20 are three times higher risk of type 2 diabetes compared with the women with breast cup size A.

Professor Joel Ray, of Harvard University believes a link between breast size and diabetes influenced during puberty. "Puberty is a period marked increase insulin resistance. A condition which the body does not absorb glucose properly. It can cause high blood sugar levels that a precursor to type 2 diabetes."
In healthy adolescents, this effect disappears after puberty is over. However, young women who have large breast size higher risk of diabetes in the future.

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