Amber Rose: Kim Kardashian Is Main Reason Kanye West and I Break Up

After divorce with Kris Humpries, Kim Kardashian reputation seems getting worse in public. Because Amber Rose recently has revealed bad facts about Kim's personality.

Kim Kardashian

As quoted by Contactmusic, Amber Rose, Kanye West ex-girlfriend has revealed that Kim is the main cause of her breakup with Kanye. Because Kanye involved an affair with Kim during Amber and Kanye are still in relationship.

Amber now has a relationship with Wiz Khalifa also revealed that when both are involved affairs; Kim was still in a relationship with Reggie Bush. Amber had warned Kim, but the 31-year woman ignores her words.
"They both are betraying their spouse. She sent a picture that made me really want to say, 'Kim, stop it. Do not do that,' I think she will respond me even a little bit, But the fact are not ... Kim is the main reason why Kanye and I separated, "she said.

However, Amber Rose also thank to Kim for doing that. Because break up with Kanye eventually led to Wiz Khalifa, and Amber feel happier with Wiz Khalifa.

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