Accused of stealing songs, Wiz Khalifa demanded US$2.3 million

The success of Black and Yellow single which was popularized by Wiz Khalifa should end up in court. The reason, a rapper-songwriter named Max Maxamillion aka Gregory Warren admitted that Wiz Khalifa and his team have stolen it from his singles.

Reported by Aceshowbiz, Warren filled forms in the Pennsylvania courts, U.S. to prosecute Wiz Khalifa. The reason, Black and Yellow song is actually taken from his songs titled Pink and Yellow, who has got the copyright in the 2008.

In making black and Yellow single itself, Khalifa role as a writer. Song he releases is a partnership with EMI Music Publishing, Rostrum Records, Warner Music Group and Atlantic Recording Corporation was formally received copyright in 2011.

Meanwhile, Warren revealed that Khalifa and his team have stolen the song before Pink and Yellow really got the copyrights. Because of this action, Khalifa and his team, Warren demanding compensation of up to $ 2.3 million. Until this news was revealed, Wiz Khalifa has not confirmed.

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