4 Billion YouTube Videos Watched Every Day

YouTube, Google video service sites are now broadcast 4 billion videos online per day. According to Google, this number increased 25 percent within the last 8 months.

Increasing visits to YouTube happened when Google makes YouTube more than just the site for the PC with creating website that can be access via mobile phones and televisions. In addition, Google is preparing to offer professional content on the site.

According to data from Google, quoted by Reuters on Tuesday, January 24, 2012, an average of over 60 hours duration video uploaded to YouTube per minute. In fact, last May, the number of videos uploaded per minute only reached 48 hours.

YouTube was bought by Google in 2006 has now become one of Google alternative income outside their main business the Internet search advertising.

As a proof, last week, Google said that in this year, business ads, many of which integrated on a YouTube video, earned revenues of USD 49.5 billion.

However, most of the 4 billion YouTube videos broadcast to the world not making money. Only 3 billion YouTube videos per week are already making money for the company.

Last October, YouTube also announced that they had made a deal with a number of artists such as Madonna and Jay-Z to broadcast exclusive video. In addition, YouTube and Reuters have announced their cooperation to make Reuters TV channel on the site.

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