Travel Insurance for Traveling Abroad

Christmas and New Year holidays are coming. Of course, you have made plans to fill the holiday together with family or with close friends. Planning the destination to be visited are the main things before you set aside some money to pay for the trip. Proper planning will help you during journey to the destination. Unexpected things outside of planning can inhibit or cancel your travel plans, for that's you need travel insurance to cover if something happens you do not want.

The advantage of using travel insurance is your comfort during the trip guaranteed. You should consider several things if you want traveling abroad using the services of travel insurance.

1. Plane Tickets
You certainly have set the day of your departure, including buying a plane ticket. With the proliferation of “low cost carrier “airlines is one of the conditions you are not allowed to change your departure date for any reason. So when you are sick on the day of departure that requires you to delay your trip, you cannot change the scheduled departure listed on the ticket and of course, your tickets cannot be used. As a result, you have to buy new plane ticket again. If you buy a plane ticket suddenly worth tend to be expensive, especially if you want to travel internationally. Without coverage of travel insurance, your travel expenses will be more expensive.

2. Healthy
The other thing, which is still connected with the disease abroad. If your body get sick (due to any cause) and must be hospitalized at a local hospital, you can imagine how much cost should you spend on treatment if medical expenses are much more expensive when compared to your place. So, who would bear those costs if you were not covered by travel insurance?

3. Hotel Expenses
With travel schedule disruptions caused some factors above, other effects that must be considered is all the hotel room that you have purchase, may be affected as well. Ordinarily, when you cancel pre-booked hotels room suddenly, there are two possible consequences you must receive, pre-booked costs you paid will be refunded with the high cost of compensation, or even worse, all your payments for pre-booked away, in other words there is no refund in any form. While on the other hand, you need to book a new hotels room until the time back home. Without travel insurance, all that will be your dependents.

4. Flight Delay
Another possibility often happens while traveling is flight delays that occur beyond fix schedule by any cause. If your traveling schedule requires changing several flights in 1 day, a delay could cause you miss the next plane. If the airlines that we use for flight came from the same company, then there is a chance you will be flown by next plane. The problem is, if the plane that we use comes from different airlines. Financial loss should be your own responsibility because you have to buy a new plane ticket, or even the worst, while waiting for the next flight; you should rent a hotel room to stay.

A friend had rare case experience when traveling, misdirected luggage. At that time he was traveling from Bali to Perth, Australia and the luggage was delayed 4 days due to misdirected. Luggage sent to Tokyo, Japan. The result is for 4 day my friend should spending new clothes and new toiletries. Without the protection of travel insurance, of course, those costs should he bear himself.

There are still many other benefits by equipping yourself with travel insurance when traveling. Compared with the risk that could happen to you while traveling, the cost of travel insurance policy can be spelled out relatively cheap (depending on each country).

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