Train the memory to be more intelligent

Many people complaining forget friends name, unable to remember where placed keys or wallet, even when arriving at a store do not remember going to buy anything. If you have this, usually we are so annoyed and irritable.

'Lost memories' like this are usually associated with normal memory. Most people assume that ordinary memory responsible for the level of intelligence. If they have problems in thinking, they blame the ordinary memory and do not try to look further.

Actually, according to Barry Gordon, the ability to remember facts not related to intelligence. People who are able to remember many facts are not necessarily more intelligent. Some people are easy to remember facts, but not smart enough to pull the essentials of the facts. Meanwhile, someone-usually a weak memory, such as people with amnesia, was able to retain their intelligence. Why so? For people with amnesia still have what is called intelligent memory.

 What is intelligent memory is memory that "glue" of our thinking-and pieces of memories normally become one. Intelligent memory associated with critical thinking or creative. Intelligent people have more memory-honed intelligence.

The book by Barry Gordon and Lisa Berger (Essence, 2011), entitled Memory Intelligence clearly outlines the many aspects of this memory. According to Gordon, at least there are three important elements in the memory intelligence. First, the pieces of memory. Manifold can be the experience, information, and knowledge. Second, connections between the pieces of memory. Third, the mental process that combines pieces and connections so that gave birth to more sophisticated thinking.

Interestingly, Barry mentioned that intelligent memory could grow stronger with age and experience. This is different from ordinary memory is decreasing when we get older. Well, we often overlook the progress of intelligent memory. Similarly, many people do not understand that intelligence memory effect on the level of our intelligence.
The genius has an advantage in recognizing the patterns of a problem. What seems complicated in the eyes of many people will be seen more easily in the presence of genius. They understand well how to harness the power of intelligent memory operation of which is more hidden. This is related to their intelligence memory capabilities.

Why to understand intelligence memory is important? Therefore, in everyday life, a memory that helps us write a neat report, decide which investment will be taken, negotiate prices with suppliers, and more. This memory helps us solve problems, give us an understanding, and makes us think creatively.
How to release this mental energy?

Unlike assumed by most people, thinking smarter rather than a spontaneous outburst of mental energy that cannot be explained and controlled. Intelligent thinking is not only belongs to those who are considered geniuses. In this book, Gordon opened the way about what we should do if you want to strengthen our intelligence memory.

Before the study, Gordon invites us to test the ability of our intelligent memory by thrusting a number of exercises. One test of the proposed statement reads: "When the politicians try to remain standing in the middle of the road, they will be hit from both sides." How do you respond? Do you understand the meaning of the statement immediately, or take a few seconds to understand it, or blank, 'What is it?' Statement is an aphorism that connects between the political attitudes and traffic.

Of course, there are no shortcuts to strengthen intelligence memory. Gordon invites us to go through systematically in honing the ability of this memory. He also suggests ways to prevent mental errors in thinking. Gordon has revealed the secret to strengthen our creative work

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