Sweat Odor, Indicator For Men With Sexual Disease

A woman who wants serious relationship should consider the advice of the new Russian scientist: smell your mate candidates.

Sweat Odor
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By sniffing the scent of a potential mate, a person can find out if Mr. Right has a sexually transmitted disease, according to a study. The study found that men infected with gonorrhea smelling “stink “by a group of young women.

"Our research shows that infectious diseases reduce odor attraction in humans," wrote Mikhail Moshkin, a professor at the Institute of Cytology and Genetics in Novosibirsk, Russia. He is the author of the study was published in the latest edition of the Journal of Sexual Medicine.

 Researchers have long observed that certain animals, like mice, are not much interested on the scent of other creatures infected with the disease. They wonder whether humans will also experience the same due to the smell of an infected person, especially those suffering from sexually transmitted diseases.

The researchers were also invited 34 men, ages 17 to 25, to donate samples of their armpit sweat and saliva for the sake of science. In this group included 13 young men with gonorrhea, 16 healthy and 5 who had suffered from this disease, but treated successfully.

Then they found 18 female students aged 17 to 20 of Kemerovo State University in Russia who willing to smell the sample.

They obtained samples of sweat by wearing a tight T-shirt. After an hour of sweating, their clothes are placed in glass bottles to be smell by the women.

When they were asked to characterize the aroma, the women said that nearly 50 percent of infected men have sweat stink. The women also said that 30 percent perspiration of healthy men and less than 40 percent of the sweat of men treated stink.

From the study, the researchers found, such as animals, humans can use scent to sniff out the right partner.

"We can conclude that an unpleasant body odor from an infected person can reduce the likelihood of a dangerous partnership," said the scientists.

Of course, these smell technique not valid if the men uses perfume.

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