Open Source Application in Windows Store

Microsoft is planning to authorize an open source application under the Open Source Initiative (OSI) licensed, can be distributed in its new application store, Windows Store.

windows store

However, an open source application must meet the Standard Application License Terms of Microsoft, which prohibits sharing application.

Open source applications can be interpreted as software with an open development system. The system does not coordinated by individuals or institutions, but by them who work together utilizing source code in order to learn how it works, modified, or further developed, and distributed.
If Microsoft wishes so, this opportunity can help open source developers are often blocked by the strict regulations that Apple implemented on the App Store.

For developers who want to distribute applications in Windows Store, Microsoft's charge one time registration fee US$49 for individual developers and US$99 for corporate developers.

Many sales schemes can be used in Windows Store. Developers can offer a free application, trial application (with a limit time of use), or paid applications.

For paid applications, sales under 25 thousand U.S. dollars will be charged 70/30 profit-sharing scheme with the greatest advantage for developers. If sales have reached more than 25 thousand U.S. dollars then sharing of profits rise to 80/20.

Windows 8 beta Operating system will be launched in February 2012. Microsoft will use a new interface called Metro on Windows 8.

In the same month, will also launch Windows Store. Windows Store will serve as central download of various applications for PCs, notebooks, and tablets that use Windows 8 operating system. Not much different from Apple's iTunes App Store.

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