You might not believe if Santa Claus (Jim Broadbent) is there but if you believe there is still unsolved mystery until now. How Santa Claus could send large Christmas gifts, for all children in the world, in just one night only? ARTHUR CHRISTMAS movie maybe the answer.


If you are curious, ARTHUR CHRISTMAS will be interesting movies that will be slightly reveal the mysteries that remain unanswered. Apparently, over the times, Santa Claus started to change the way he works. If at first he only drove a sleigh pulled by reindeer, Santa now has begun to utilize advanced technology to carry out his duties every year.

Just below the Arctic ice is the headquarters of Santa Claus. This is where Santa hidden all the advanced technology that he used for this time. Santa does not live there alone. There are Grandsanta (Bill Nighy), Mrs. Santa (Imelda Staunton), Steve (Hugh Laurie), and Arthur (James McAvoy). This year is special for Arthur because this year he will carry out the important mission that he should be doing before dawn.

Although all have been processed with advanced technology but in fact this year there is one Christmas gifts not sent. Steve, the eldest son of Santa Claus tried to calm the Santa who does not know what to do. For Steve, one gift that not sent is not a big problem. Unfortunately, Arthur and Gransanta cannot accept this failure. By using the old way, Grandsanta, Arthur, and Bryony (Ashley Jensen) tried hard to send this Christmas gifts even though the dawn almost come.

In modern times, as now, it is almost nobody else believes that Santa Claus really exists. Forcing a way to repeat the classic tale is clearly inefficient and the methods used by Sony Pictures Animation and Aardman Animations are worthy to get thumbs-up.

All of which sounds like a fairy tale described by way of approaching a logical and easily understood by children. Despite making this classic story so logical but not necessarily ARTHUR CHRISTMAS then lose its essence as a Christmas movie. ARTHUR CHRISTMAS is still Christmas movie because it still carries the spirit of Christmas.

image courtesy Columbia Pictures

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