Microsoft and Open Source Software Developers

Currently there are some developers who take advantage of tools to develop Open Source at Microsoft Platforms, and

According Heriyadi, Microsoft has been working with application developers of Open Source Software (OSS) in Indonesia. "For us, this partnership will be mutually beneficial, especially in cloud era like this," he told Tempo last Thursday.

In cloud era, OSS developers can focus on application development. Microsoft just provides a reliable platform, easy management, and secure security.

 In addition, through the Microsoft Open Source Interoperability Laboratory, Microsoft is working with various communities.

The project aims to build bridge between the Microsoft platform and Open Source projects that exist today. "This includes providing the SDK, source code, and documentation," said Heriyadi.

In Indonesia, Microsoft is working with University of Indonesia in developing Microsoft Open Source Interoperability Laboratory. The cooperation conducted in the form of Microsoft Innovation Center, which is part of Microsoft's citizenship programs.

The main focus of the Open Source Interoperability Laboratory at University of Indonesia is to covering Open Source application and Windows platforms without any restrictions on the type of technology used. The initial focus of the Open Source Interoperability Laboratory is PHP and Windows, considering large PHP community in Indonesia.

Meanwhile there are four main activities of the Open Source Interoperability Laboratory: student research, faculty research, innovation competition, and the collaboration of the IT industry.

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