Micro Insurance: Easily to have insurance

Micro insurance provides an opportunity for anyone to have protection. Did you have it?

During this time, insurance considered as a product that can only be bought people from middle - upper class. Expensive insurance premiums and complicated procedures to increase the reluctance of insurance. Fortunately, today there are micro insurance. Targeting to lower middle-class society.

Micro insurance is much simpler in terms of words, the insurance policy, contract, or agreement. The types of risks are covered more straightforward and less complex. Different from the other insurance products, the value of collateral provided is not too high so micro insurance premiums more affordable for lower-middle-class society.

Micro-insurance is important and great potential for many poor populations in many countries. Micro insurance is designed so that the poor can get a variety of insurance against lifetime risk sharing is always there. Moreover, disasters do not recognize the poor and the rich. However, who hit a lasting impact, which is below (lower social classes).

This is where micro-insurance plays an important role. For example of a natural disaster micro-insurance, "By paying insurance premiums for 3 U.S. dollars per year, they can get insurance for risks of natural disasters 3.000 U.S. dollars." The process of obtaining insurance benefits more quickly and without any cuts, "So that they could restart their life faster.

Simple illustration of micro-insurance premium payments illustrate that these products are affordable all walks of life. Try to compare the micro insurance premiums with personal expenses. "The day could spend 2 U.S. dollars for cigarettes; one month can be 60 U.S. dollars. While the micro-insurance premiums can pay only 12 U.S. dollars per year.

Not only natural disasters, micro-insurance also provides protection for your house. Surely, your house must meet the requirements, such as paying Tax on Land and Building. Premium payment is not too expensive. Likewise, if you own a small business. For example, the owner passed away while they has a business loan to be paid every month, "With the micro-insurance, in case of fire or business went bankrupt; the rest of the loan will be reimbursed by insurance companies so that business still survive.

Well, what are you waiting for, immediately protect yourself and your family with micro insurance because insurance is now no longer difficult and can be owned by anyone.

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