Ryan Got Ford Mustang from Justin Bieber

This Christmas is certainly going to be an unforgettable moment for Ryan Butler. The reason, Ryan Butler got a tremendous surprise, he was rewarded with White Ford Mustang sports car from Bieber!

As quoted by Contactmusic, Justin suddenly surprised his friend by giving a gift of a key. Realizing he was getting a luxury car, he immediately took a picture together with the two-door car, and writes comment through his twitter account.

"Justin got me a present.#swag!!!" he wrote while displaying the image.

Ryan Butler New White Ford Mustang
image: http://pic.twitter.com/c0dCJqu1

Justin and Ryan grew up together since childhood. When Justin was five years old, Ryan's parents, who came from wealthy family, also take care of Justin. Justin's mother was pregnant when she was only 17 years, and with difficult conditions, she struggled to care for her child.

However, Justin popularity that achieved in just five years turned out to change everything. He managed to lift her family condition is quite difficult to be like now. Justin's estimated wealth has reached USD 85 million.

To express his gratitude to those who have been there in times of difficulty, Justin also includes the name of his friends in the music video titled One Time, which was released in 2009.

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