Intel choose to stop production of 19 processors

Slowly, Intel will stop the production of 19 processor for desktop in 2012, including Clarksdale, Lynnfield and Sandy Bridge type.

Intel core i7

This decision have been take because Intel already release new processor for desktop and replace old processors that release 2 years earlier. New processors from Intel are using LG 1366, LGA1156, and LGA1155 socket.

In fact, several series processor of Sandy Bridge type was launched several months ago. The series of Core i5 model will be replaced with newer generation such as G630T, G860, and G630.
The market of Sandy Bridge and Sandy Bridge-E type are targeting for mainstream segment. For this reason, Intel prefers to stop production of old processors dedicated for high-end segment, rather than slam the price.
In November 2008, Intel introduce Core i7 model for LGA1366 socket. The processor with high performance is targeting high-end segment. But, LGA2011 socket begin to replace LGA1366 socket since November 14 2011. LGA2011 support for Sandy Bridge-E.

While the LGA1156 socket that was introduced in September 2009 and dedicated for mainstream segment, was replaced with LGA1155 socket that support Sandy Bridge in January 2011.
Below the list of Intel processors that will stop production:

Intel Pentium: G6950, G6960, G620, and G840 G620T
Intel Core i3: 520 and 2100T
Intel Core i5: 650, 660, 670, 680 and 2300
Intel Core i7: 860, 870, 930, 950, 960, 980 and 990X

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