Chinese Students Assemble His 'iPad'

Many ways use to show love for the one loved. One is to assemble a gadget that look like iPad, as did a student from China, Wei Xinlong for his girlfriend.

ipad 2
Wei took 10 days and a fund of 800 Yuan to assemble the gadgets that made as closely as possible with the Apple iPad. "With this you can read e-books, download, watch movies, and play just by touching the screen," said Wei, as published China Daily recently.

The idea of assembling the 'iPad' arises because of Wei did not have enough money to buy his girlfriend, Sun Shasha, a new computer. Armed with knowledge gained from the video downloads on how to assemble a PC tablet, Wei then tried to assemble itself.

"Main board, video card, CPU, and the screen I got from the old laptop. But I bought a touch screen and battery online," said Wei, who studied in the Department of Design and Art Northeast Normal University in Changchun, capital of Jilin Province.

Shasha that also study at the same place with her boyfriend said that Wei assembled results are very neatly. "It's the best gift I ever got, and I will continue to keep it," said Sun, who added imitation diamonds all around her 'iPad'.

Sun take picture the gift, and then upload it in an internet article entitled The Birth of My Tablet PC that immediately received 100 thousand clicks within three days. "This tablet PC is really avant-garde, better than the original iPad," said one Internet user.

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