Apple Prepare iPad Mini?

Apple reportedly begins to anticipate a number of tablet-sized 7-inch competitors. The presence of 7-inch tablet as if Amazon Kindle Fire, Nook, and Samsung Galaxy Tab, apparently made Apple's dominance in the market started to worry the tablet will be shifted.

A source told DigiTimes released, Apple will launch iPad 7.85 inch before the fourth quarter of 2012, besides iPad 3, which is scheduled to be released at the end of the first quarter. Rumor is presumably because Apple is begun to feel pressure by increasing sales of Kindle Fire.

Previously, Apple had been advised to develop a 7.85-inch iPad, by purchasing a 7.85-inch screen panels from LG Display. Apple is also rumored to be buying panels from AU Optronics (AUO).

The source added that the current manufacturing makers do tend to start production of 7.85 inch at the end of the second quarter of 2012.

These rumors come just days after Amazon showing the success of Kindle Fire sales, tablet that is much cheaper than iPad. Amazon claims to have sold one million Kindle within a week for three weeks. Among the Kindle family, Fire is the most popular.

In fact, Kindle Fire has become the best selling products in Amazon since it was introduced in September last. Kindle Fire cheapness was seen as a modifier rhythm game in the competition in the tablet market.

In November 2010, Apple founder Steve Jobs is ever denied Apple iPad would make the size smaller than 9.6 inch. Apple, Steve Jobs said, not interested in making a tablet with a small screen.

However, Jobs was not there. Kindle Fire were a threat to Apple's increasingly difficult to deny the potential of the tablet market.

The analysts earlier this week reported that China's technology companies have been pessimistic because of lack of demand for this expensive device. Apple seller cannot wait for Apple developing a cheap iPad. Of course, this will be an impetus for Apple to make a mini size iPad.

Analysts said this rumor is proof of Apple vulnerability to market forces and consumer tastes. In fact, over the years Apple has established consumer tastes.
Steve Jobs does have the ability to predict and wanted to show the people what they want, and always put the design into the main priority.

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