Again, Microsoft issued to buy nokia business units

Microsoft again issued will buying smartphone business unit of Nokia. The plan has long been heard, but lately the news is re-emerging to the surface. Danske Bank, Denmark's largest bank is the source of the issue at this time.

Microsoft buy nokia smartphone business unit
Nokia CEO and Microsoft CEO

In a report issued to clients, Banske Bank said that Nokia would sell the smartphone business units to Microsoft's within the first 6 months in 2012.

Danske Bank does not mention the source of the news. However, this news is not fresh news anymore, considering similar issue ever flooded the media on May 2011.

Quoted from Boy Genius Report, Thursday (12/15/2011), it was mentioned that Nokia and Microsoft are exploring a negotiation for a great deal planned to be completed before 2011 ends.

Official clarification from Nokia also mentioned that they were denied such cooperation issues. Even so, in subsequent reports clearly indicate the existence of discussions between the two giants of technology and mobile phone.

"We have left this rumor long time ago" as said by a representative for Nokia, responding to reports of Danske Bank.

Both sides may be denied rumors are already circulating, but that both shall have a special relationship after collaborating in developing a windows nokia mobile phone.

To find out the truth of the issue, we wait for the latest news in the first half of 2012. For now, we can only grope and guess the truth of the issue.

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