What I learn about forex

What did I learn about forex? Actually, I did not know anything about forex. How does forex course I still do not understand it. Looking at Candlestick made me confused, up ... up ... down ... ..... over and over every time. I began to ask, is it possible to make money from home just to see candle stick that every second change. Very impossible.

My introduction to forex business (I call it like that) is accidentaly. At that time, I was still confused about what kind of online business models that will I learned and can make money. I got interested in several ads that appear on almost every website I visit, the ads is about forex. Curiosity finally made me continue to seek information about it and I found several online forums devoted to forex starting from the most basic level to advance.
I diligently followed several threads that discuss various strategies in order to generate profits quickly. Later I realized that no quick way to make money with forex business, all require a process, such as babies learn to crawl, walk and then run. All strategies will look useless when greed take over trader mind. One thing will happen to a trader who cannot control his emotions is Loss.

Requires peace of mind to analyze price movements. Right decision will bring a trader make profit. From here, I started to learn to control emotions when looking at price movements. One more thing I always remember is never to violate the rules that you have created in the trading system you use. There is no quick way to make money with forex.

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