Taylor Swift - Sue Celebrity Jihad for Topless Pic Leaked

Taylor Swift to contact her lawyer to sue Celebrity Jihad magazine that has tainted her name. The suit filed for alleged false reporting which impact on defamation.

Reporting from Aceshowbiz, the singer of Back to December song really feel aggrieved by the preaching of Celeb Jihad, which includes topless photos resemble her about two months ago. They still insisted that the photo in their magazine was not her, and utterly false.

 Unfortunately, Celebrity Jihad still remains in their opinion. Although it was in a weak position because of threatened infringement of copyright law, but they still do not want to lose. Until now they did not want to take down the title "Taylor Swift Private Topless Pic Leaked?" from their headlines.

Representatives from the Celebrity Jihad, as revealed on TMZ said that it insists will not degrade the image. They will leave there until the public no longer interested in these poses.

Celebrity Jihad publishes Taylor photos since last August. An image that they post it looks very similar to Taylor Swift. With position of shirtless, woman in the photo is seen lying in bed.

image courtesy of TMZ.com

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