PUSS IN BOOTS - 1st Place Box Office Movie

With income about U.S. $ 34 million, worth if PUSS IN BOOTS supported by Antonio Banderas had become the highest earning film last weekend. Even Paranormal ACTIVITY 3 that had seeded cannot do anything about it.


Last weekend Paranormal ACTIVITY 3 which has been released since the previous weekend only able to make money as much as U.S. $ 18.5 million, fallen far compared of the first week earning.

Other new titles also made it into the top ten North American box office is IN TIME, starring by Justin Timberlake. The film success in the third place with income about U.S. $ 12 million. THE RUM DIARY, starring Johnny Depp only able in fifth position with income about U.S. $ 5 million.

Three new entry at the same time shifts Johnny ENGlLISH REBORN, DOLPHIN Tale, and 50/50 out of the top ten box office movie. Footloose, REAL STEEL, The Three Musketeers, IDEs OF THE MARCH, Moneyball, and Courageous for a while it still survives, but it is quite possibly at the weekend there are more changes

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