Mice help Colombian Army Detect Mines

Together with the government, Colombian scientists decided to use rats as animal metal detectors and landmine planted by the rebels Revolutionary Armed Forces of Columbia (FARC).

The mice bred in a place and given training programs since 2006 to find land mines that kill or injure hundreds of people every year.

Rats considered more modern rather than dogs to detect land mines, even dogs are considered more traditional. Although dogs have a keen sense of smell, rats are lighter and mine blasts probably very small.

The rats then taught to recognize voice commands and specific smell of metal used in landmines, and then to work in large numbers in open areas.

 "These rats will be very helpful, and will provide great input for those who try to detect mines," said the Colombian Police Officers, Erick Guzman as reported by Reuters on Wednesday, November 23, 2011.

"We hope that this generation will be ready by early next year that will be tested in a real environment."

Statistics show in 2011 that landmine victims in Colombia have killed 40 people and wounding 247 others. While during 2010, the death toll reached 535 people

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