Megan Fox - Acting for Charity

After success with her career as an actress, this beautiful woman apparently still wants to explore other areas of acting. Therefore, Megan Fox decided to join with Broadway trying out her acting skills on theater stage.

Megan Fox for Charity

Reporting from Contactmusic, actress who was popular for his role in TRANSFORMERS movie will begin her first theater in November. In these shows, she will play in the drama series will be held at the American Airlines Theatre. The show itself as a whole will be held for 24 hours.

In a drama held on November 14, Megan will join with several other actors who have joined the Broadway first. The actors include Jesse Eisenberg, Julia Stiles, John Krasinski, Justin Bartha, Jason Biggs and Nia Vardalos.

Interestingly, players who portray in this drama should professional. Each writer, director and actors involved only have 24 hours to write a script and practice in every appearance with duration of 10 minutes each.

The show was held not for profit. Part of the profits earned from the sale of tickets will go to the Urban Arts Partnership's account. The institution is an organization that moves to support education in less fortunate schools

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