Megadeth Vocalist Has Special Skill

Believe it or not, but Dave Mustaine, guitarist as well as Megadeth vocalist feel confident that he has the ability to heal the sick. Not just a belief but Dave Mustaine himself has proved it. That is why he was getting an award from the state of Kentucky.

Dave Mustaine - Megadeth vocalist and guitarist

At that time Dave Mustaine hear the news that one of Megadeth fan exposed of throat cancer, and doctor’s estimate that the life of this man would not be more than a few weeks away. Feeling touched, Mustaine later visiting this man and trying to cure this poor man.

"I have time met a fan in Kentucky who suffered from throat cancer," said Dave Mustaine was quoted from Contact Music. "I do not know why but I started to hold the man's throat and began to pray. In fact he lived long enough to give me this award at our next concert," said Mustaine again.

Dave Mustaine is getting Kentucky Colonel Award for his efforts to heal the citizens of the state of Kentucky. Dave Mustaine is one of the religious rockers. Reportedly, he often refused to appear with the band that have devil worshipers image.

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