Look beautiful with hairless armpits

Armpits also need extra care to keep it looking soft and bright. Different ways tried by women to remove underarm hair so that skin looks smoother and brighter.

Look beautiful with hairless armpits

You can do some of the methods below; of course, each method has its advantages and disadvantages. Use the method that you think is the safest and best to use.

 1. Waxing and sugaring
Advantages: This is the best way and most women favorites to get smooth skin and hair free at a glance.
Disadvantages: Besides causing pain and hair not ripped with perfect, waxing cause irritation to the armpit that could leave a black spots.

2. Shaving
Advantages: It only takes a short time and more flexible without a difficult procedure for do it.
Disadvantages: When shaving, 1 / 3 missing part is the skin. This is so because skin loses moisture and sores on their surface. The skin becomes susceptible to the irritant, causing redness effects and armpit area increasingly blackened by it. To avoid this, make sure your underarm skin treated with a moisturizer that is sufficient to restore skin's natural moisture armpit to keep it soft and smooth.

3. Plucking
Advantages: In addition to more satisfied pull up the roots, you do not necessarily need professional help to do it.
Disadvantages: Ladies, this habit could result in enlarged skin pores are also vulnerable to irritation beginning to be rough and dark armpits of the skin. Ouch! Moisturizer has an important role for care for underarm skin is irritated again. The result? Welcome to the healthy and beautiful underarm skin.

4. Threading
Advantages: This method is now being commonplace. Highly detailed and maximum results revocation process to conclude thread by professional staff.
Disadvantages: Although looks simple, but sometimes the pain is more uncomfortable than waxing. Thin texture thread that could cause injury if not careful doing this threading process. The effect? It is definitely irritation and rough skin you will get.

5. Laser
Advantages: Its permanent because it eliminates the follicle so the hair no longer grows make this favorite process by some people.
Disadvantages: Need to go through several stages to perfect this method. In other words, you did not necessarily get a perfect result in a one-time handling. For the price? Well ... ladies .....get ready to set aside enough money for do this process!

Do this not that
Sure you already know exactly how to remove underarm hair? Wait until you read the following tip!

1. FYI, your skin is more sensitive when you wake up in the morning. So, should wait for 15 minutes before shaving.
2. Despite using shaving cream, it is good to wash your armpits first with warm water for a few minutes for make sure the skin really soft and moist.
3. Make sure you select the right shaver for reduce the risk of irritation, cuts and black spots.
4. Almost all of underarm hair removal process has a risk of irritation and the emergence of black spots. Therefore, special care afterwards is important so that underarm skin stay beautiful. Always use Lightening Deodorant Dove that content ¼ moisturizing cream ready to take care of underarm skin from irritation and black spots. Anti perspirant it will also protect optimally for 24 hours from body odor and excessive sweating. Your underarm skin will be pampered for the results of a brighter, smoother and softer.

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