Lady GaGa Perform with "Male Genital" Microphone

No matter in America or in India, Lady GaGa apparently do with eccentric style. But this time, not the costumes are amazing, but the microphone she uses, which form of male genitals!

A few days ago, 25-year-old singer is currently busy held concert in New Delhi for an F1 party. Especially for her performance, GaGa said that she would combine her vision with the vision of the typical India.

 It is true that GaGa wearing a headscarf and gold ornaments typical India in appearance. However, her pastel cream-colored scarf combined with PVC skirt, net stockings and high heels.

"I worked very hard so that every performance looks different. My costume will be a combination of my vision and the vision of India that I gave a little modern touch. There will be surprises," she said during a press conference.

And her surprise none other than the microphone that looks very similar to the male genitals. Without a doubt, GaGa was singing and dancing while showing off this unique microphone that tightly clutched replaces microphone and earset wireless. WOW!!!

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