Kate Moss Beautiful Look Secrets

Kate Moss never lost her fabulous looks even caught on camera in everyday appearance. As a model, Kate Moss is required to be able to highlight her natural beauty without excessive make-up. So, for you who love catchy natural look, here is the secret of Kate Moss make-up that you can imitate.

Kate Moss Hot Style

1.Red lipstick
You think of Marilyn Monroe and Grace Kelly, and it is always about the lips
Two of these legendary artists seem to be Kate Moss inspiration for the choice of lipstick color. Red, able to provide powerful energy above your natural makeup, makes the overall make-up look gorgeous though still simple.

2. Eyeliner Kohl
An expressive eye is mandatory if you do not want to wear excessive eye make-up and the eyeliner is the solution. Kate Moss entrust the formation of eyes at Kohl than ordinary liquid eyeliner. Kohl's has a more intense color, firm and provides a cooling effect on the eyes.

3. Blusher powder and cream
Not just one, Kate Moss using blush on powder to give a flush on her cheekbone, and then to reinforce the effect, affixed blush on cream to the part you want highlighted.

4. Eyelash curler
I do not feel complete without them; it is one of Those Things. The secret to a false last look is curling and the tons and tons and tons of mascara.

Kate Moss also does not deny that the secret to the expressive eye is lashes well laid out. Steps are flops lashes with a clip, then dab mascara. Add layers of mascara on the outer end to produce an interesting effect.

5. Always wear sunblock
Free skin aging sign is the main requirement for natural or minimalist make-up. So always protect your face with sunblock when out in the light of day, and make sure the SPF is quite high (above 50), especially if your skin is light enough.

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