Justin Bieber Not The Only One Father of Mariah Yeater Baby

After horrendous worldwide, especially Beliebers, with charges saying that Justin Bieber is the father of her baby, Mariah Yeater apparently proved inconsistent. In addition to Bieber, there is one more man accused of impregnating her.

This man was none other than former Mariah boyfriend, John Terranova. According to the police report in Las Vegas, Nevada, Mariah had alleged that the former was the father of her baby in a big fight.

The police report states that Yeater, who was pregnant, suddenly furious and began shouting hysterically at former boyfriend and call it a man who must responsible to her pregnancy. Yeater itself gave birth to her son, Tristyn, in San Diego, California, without mentioning the name of the father in the birth certificate.

 Last week, Yeater filed a lawsuit on Bieber, stating that the singer who had her pregnant, after having sex for 30 seconds in a bathroom at the Staples Center after Bieber performing.

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