Google Doodle - Mark Twain's 176th Birthday

If you open Google search engine today, November 30, 2011, then you will see Google doodle picture of two children who paint the fence. Mural depicting the adventures of children who are very popular in the United States: Tom Sawyer.

Google Doodle Mark Twain's 176th Birthday

Tom Sawyer is a character that made by the author Samuel Langhorne Clemens, better known as Mark Twain. Google also commemorates the birthday of Mark Twain, who was born November 30,1835, as its Google doodle.

As quoted from The Telegraph, this Google doodle took the scene when Tom was sentenced to paint Aunt Polly's fence, because of soiling his clothes after a fight with a kid from St. Louis. In the picture, Tom helped his friend, Ben, when painting fence Aunt Polly fence.

As a writer, Mark Twain recognized expert in describing social phenomena that exist in his time, especially when the civil war not yet taken place in the United States.

After "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer", Mark Twain also successfully made Huckleberry Finn's adventures in the "Adventures of Huckleberry Finn". This book also had drawn criticism because of the word "nigger" to refer to African-Americans. However, some defense because there are social phenomenon that occurs at the time.

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