Free Download "Jurassic Park:The Game" with PlayStation Plus

Exciting news coming from Telltale Games, in November they plan to release a new game, Jurassic Park: The Game. Best of all is that you can download it for free if you sign up for 12 months to use PSN premium services, PlayStation Plus.

Jurassic Park:The Game

According to Morgan Haro, Manager Community PSN on the PlayStation Blog, when you buy a PlayStation Plus subscription service from November 1-8 you will have the opportunity to download free Jurassic Park: The Game (Full Series Episodes 1-4) when it is released on PSN on November 15. It worth $29.99. You will get a message in your mailbox PS3 when the game is released.

Telltale will release the game via PSN on November 15 and expected on that day the Xbox 360 and PC will be hit with the presence of the game.

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