Brad Pitt Spend His Money To Buy WORLD WARZ Tank

Like the lyrics of the song belongs to Bruno Mars, when it became a millionaire would be easy to buy anything. Like Brad Pitt, who just spend his money to buy T54 Soviet tank from world war era.

T54 Soviet Tank WORLD WARZ

Although money not a problem, it seems the problem is coming from Angelina Jolie, his wife and mother of his six childrens. This giant-sized tank will arrive at his house in Los Angeles soon.

The actor decided to buy this heavily armed war vehicle and adds to his collection after 'fall in love' with this tank when used as a film property he stared, WORLD WAR Z. Not only expensive, but also the size and use of course will make Angelina blow up.

But it seems that Brad Pitt no need to worry about, because he will have six supporters, their children. Maddox and his younger brother and sisters reportedly could not wait for this tank delivered to their house, because they will be playing with their father in this tank.

The military vehicle produced in 1947 is currently being shipped to Los Angeles, where Pitt stayed with his family.

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