Become a Leader Strengthens Your Memory

A study showed that workers are often hit Busy Lifestyle Syndrome. The syndrome will make the workers lose the ability to remember and be forgetful at a young age. But if a person becomes the leader, the opposite occurs.

Women Leader

As reported by Genius Beauty, scientists from the University of New South Wales have found that a leader who became a role model many people will experience many changes. These changes include structural changes in the brain, memory protection and the center of learning in old age.

The scientists in the research linking managerial experience, high working efficiency with the size of the hippocampus (the zone of the brain that responsible for learning and memory) on the respondents who had been 80 years old.

The result, scientists revealed that leading others requires constant mental activity and involves problem-solving, development of short-term memory and the ability to have multiple points of the length of others. Thus, it can cause real structural changes in the brain.

This reason could be healthy reason to be a leader in addition to obtaining adequate material abundance. If you want to have a healthy mind and good memory skills while enjoying their old age, do not hesitate to become a leader

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