Oprah Receives Oscar Award

Although Oprah Winfrey is not looks a lot in the widescreen movies production, but her action in the social field made her deserve to receive award. With these considerations, Academy Awards organizers agreed to give her honorary award.

Oprah Receives Humanitarian Award
image courtesy dawn.com

For her contributions in various humanitarian work, women who once get nominated at Academy Awards in 1986 for her role in the film THE COLOR PURPLE won Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award. The award was officially handed over on Saturday (12/11).

"I never imagine would receive an Oscar for what I did, exactly on what I think is heart call and part of my duty as a human being," she said as quoted from splashnews.

Furthermore, Oprah deepest thank to various parties, for what she received. Besides Oprah, two other figures, James Earl Jones and make-up artist Dick Smith also received honorary award

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