Adam Sandler Making Love with Elmo Doll

Adam Sandler seems eager to make love with his wife, Jackie. Of an unbearable lust, make him to having sex with a cute doll.

Adam Sandler
Image courtesy of Showbizspy

When the embarrassing incident occurred, the artist who playing in the GROWN UPS movie is no longer hold to having sex with his wife. But, unfortunately, his children were sleeping on their bed.

There is no place for them to make love, and then Adam Sandler decided to bring his wife to his smallest child room and they do it there. But after everything finished, he realized that he was not having sex with his wife, but SESAMEE STREET Elmo doll.

"When everything is finished, I asked my wife, 'How?' But she answers, 'What about? Seeing you make love with Elmo?' Apparently, I do it not with my wife! ', "He told Showbizspy.

Adam loved both his beloved daughters. However, he also admitted that he now does not have enough time with his wife.

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