Woman Attacked Usher in The Parking Lot

A woman while in the park attacked RNB singer, Usher this week. The attack occurred when the rapper was parked at a shopping mall during the event Five Points Halloween Parade in Atlanta.

This incident occurred because Usher parked his car in the handicapped parking spot. A woman with illicit maneuvers performed by Usher. As quoted by Music-news.com, she approached Usher and told him to move his car.

While Usher was sitting in the driver's seat of his car and rolled down his car window, the woman shuffled pack of beer and sprayed into Usher body. A witness said that if Usher then took the bottle of water and flushing the woman back.

The attacker then kicked the car door and then make these rappers confronted her. Women who are already overwhelmed anger by this sudden rush, grabbed the shirt, and beat Usher's arm.

The fight was finally completed after her husband took a woman away. Shortly Usher was also going to leave the parking car. Until now, Usher and his spokesman had no immediate comment about this incident.

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