Wedding Planner vs Wedding Organizer

Understanding of the Wedding Planner and Wedding Organizer still confuses some people. The decision to use their services or not still considered by some people.

Wedding Planner vs Wedding Organizer
What is the true meaning of the Wedding Organizer? They are the ones who can help you to make sure the event on the day of your wedding party can run well. Wedding organizer or often referred as WO will make sure everything planned goes well.

Furthermore, WO typically has more experience than the bride has and already knows what the details to consider and time setting required.

In the first day of the wedding, the bride usually will perform a sequence of the blessing and then go ahead with the wedding. So that all may go well, Wedding Organizer position needed. In addition, they will set the time for a full day; they will also make sure you follow the planned schedule.

WO is usually the person that you trust who has the greatest responsibility for ensuring your happy day become the best day of your life. If you do not use WO, this person most likely is your own brother. Why not you? Because you are the star that day. There is no way you can adjust everything on H day. The downside of asking your own family to control them all is the lack of experience in regulating the wedding party. Do not blame your brother for something that does not go according to plan you have created.

So, what is the difference Wedding Organizer with Wedding Planner?

If Wedding Organizer is only in charge on H day, the Wedding Planner will help you from your wedding preparations until the H day. Their jobs are to plan everything, of course with your approval.
You may not know what you need, where you will married, where is delicious & good catering, place to make invitation cards, etc.

Wedding Planner is your best friend. They usually have their own partners that you can choose according to taste. But if not, they will be happy to help you find one you like.

Wedding Planner will also note all the important phone numbers, contact the vendor, determine the deadline for all the preparations. Using a Wedding Planner will help you because it is like you have a personal assistant to cut your expenses during the preparation.

Using Wedding Organizer or Wedding Planner Services may increase your wedding budget. But they are who will make your wedding perfect.

Suggestion choosing Wedding Planner or Wedding Organizer, you should see the way they work. Just like to see another vendor, you should see examples of their work on H day.

The cost to use Wedding Organizer service starting from $ 500. As for using the Wedding Planner starting from $ 900 (depending on size of party & number of people required).
Hopefully this information helps you

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